Today, CBD oil is legal and widely available in multiple states. Depending on where you live, CBD may be newly legal for both medical and recreational use.

If you’re new to CBD oil products but interested in trying it out, you may be wondering how to go about purchasing it. To help you shop for the best CBD oil for you, here’s the step-by-step guide to buying CBD oil in Australia:

  • Do Your Research

There are multiple types and brands of CBD oil in Australia available: CBD concentrate, raw CBD, and PCR CBD are the main types you can purchase. Each of these types of CBD offer a range of effects, and last for different lengths of time.

Depending on what you’re looking to get from your CBD experience, and whether you’re looking to treat specific physical or mental illnesses, you may want to consider specific types. Do your research to see which type of CBD oil is best for you ahead of your purchase.

Once you’ve identified which type of CBD oil in Australia you’re interested in trying, you’ll next want to look into specific products available. Once you’ve picked out a few that offer the type of CBD oil you’re looking for, look into the other ingredients. Some CBD oils contain certain levels of THC, which can show up on a drug test. Others include terpenes, fatty acids, and other ingredients derived from the marijuana plant. Dig deep into each so you know what to expect before you purchase.

  • Review CBD Concentration

The CBD concentration in a CBD oil product will largely determine how potent the oil is, and how strong the effects will be. CBD oils with higher CBD concentrations are likely to have stronger effects, and are meant to be taken less frequently. CBD products with lower concentrations are better for long-term, more frequent uses, as the effects are not as strong.

  • Consumption Options

CBD oil in Australia is offered in a variety of forms: liquid oils, crystals, powders, creams, supplements and more. The form of the CBD oil does not necessarily have a large impact on the effects you will have, but it will impact how you are able to control your dosages and when you will start to feel the effects. Droplets and vapes are likely to take more immediate effect, while pills or other ingestible CBD oil products will take effect later.

It’s important to note that while vaping is a popular form of CBD consumption, you will want to ensure the vape is safe. Vapes that contain a harmful ingredient called propylene glycol can lead to serious long-term health issues.

  • Choose Trusted Brands

While there are many different brands of CBD oil products on the market today, you will want to ensure you’re buying your CBD oil from a trusted provider. Some brands may not give full disclosure with the ingredients included in their products, or may include some harmful products you do not want to ingest. Check to see that your CBD oil purchase consists of safe, reliable vendors.

If CBD oil is legal in your state, you can buy CBD oil in many different places. To ensure you buy CBD oil that is safe, healthy and provides the effects you’re looking for, be sure to follow these steps for the best overall CBD oil experience.