Finding safety and security in your own home is of utmost importance, so much so that the cost of home security systems is overridden by the need for the same. Here are some reasons why it is essential to have a proper home security system in place.


1. Intruders

It is assumed that houses that aren’t protected by a security system are more than 2.7 times likely to be targeted by intruders, who can often turn aggressive in the face of a home invasion. The presence of a security system buys residents enough time to get to safety while authorities are being notified.


2. Fires

It only takes about 30 seconds for an unsolicited flame to become an inferno, and minutes for the home to be consumed by thick black smoke, making escape impossible. Installation of smoke and heat detectors can help buy you the necessary time to get to a safe place while automatically contacting authorities.

3. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Being colorless and odorless, CO which is found in combustion fumes (from stoves, wood fires, gas ranges, etc.) are undetectable by human senses, and excessive amounts of CO in the body can cause dizziness, nausea and even death. Installation of CO detectors can help notify authorities for evacuation, as well as paramedics to treat the poisoning.


4. Protect your valuables

The presence of a home security system not only helps deter burglars but in the face of a burglary, also helps identify them with the help of cameras. This helps protect and/or recover stolen items that mean a lot to us sentimentally or monetarily.

5. Monitoring

In an event where you may be away from your home, monitored home security systems will respond to emergency situations ranging from burglary to natural disasters by contacting concerned authorities automatically. Because of the same, the loss incurred will be significantly less than that without a security system. It also aids in remotely controlling the monitoring systems installed in your home.


6. Save on Homeowners Insurance

This insurance covers losses or damages from a variety of events, but not against all possible circumstances. This insurance is expensive, but having a home security system gives the homeowners a 10-20% discount, thereby cutting costs.

7. Reduce energy consumption

The latest advent in security systems is the assistance in monitoring lighting, thermostat, etc. Not only does this help in giving an image of an occupied home to an intruder by remotely controlling the lights and heating, but also helps conserve energy.