Team building events are not as commonplace across industries as they could be. Given the strategic advantages that are in play for brands, it stands to reason that more managers and more owners would push for their integration across sectors and departments. This is an opportunity to examine why they work and why they should be applied to more companies.

Improving Workforce Productivity

One of the best benefits that businesses will realise about team building events is the ability to make gains with workforce productivity. It can be a struggle for individual members to stay motivated and engaged with their tasks. By bringing them together for structured and unstructured time with their peers through these events, enterprises find that participants are far more likely to push for better outcomes and ensure that they are on time for their task agenda.

Strengthening Lines of Communication

When new employees are brought into the mix, it can take weeks and even months for people to feel integrated into the space. If they happen to be shy and reserved and find the environment slightly unwelcoming, then the use of team building events can really help to break the ice. They are even ideal for staff who have been involved in the business for years, but who have not communicated or connected across social or department lines.

Utilising Technology Access

Team building events

These types of team exercises are often a big hit when all members are situated in the same space and at the same time. However, with the advent of digital technologies, that does not always have to be the case. With the engagement of mobiles, desktops, laptops and tablets, individuals are able to login from anywhere in the world and join a session with their peers. This is an ideal way of keeping communication flowing with staff who are situated in remote locations.

Tapping Into Flexible Event Options

Thankfully team building events can be entirely flexible and adapt to the needs of the group. They can be fun exercises like trivia, card games, charades, board games to virtual tours, drawing games, escape rooms, go-kart racing, paintball, scavenger hunts, mystery games and beyond. Some outlets will want to build events around professional objectives to learn more about the project and the finer details, but it is always ideal to break the ice and schedule fun activities for participants.

Offering Mental Health Support

There is no doubt that the use of team building events facilitates the kind of positive energy that people need in their lives. When the workplace becomes a struggle and a burden on individuals, their mental health will suffer. Combating issues like anxiety, stress and depression are no easy tasks and while professional intervention is necessary in many cases, being able to get involved with peers in these fun activities is an ideal solution for commercial enterprises that want to alleviate that pressure.

Allowing Participants to Have Fun

It is very easy for owners and managers to overlook the benefit of having fun through team building events. The employee retention rate improves. Prospective employees see that the environment is positive and welcoming, making it more of an attractive proposition for talented candidates. That release of joy and removal of stress is a key ingredient for businesses to develop a positive workplace culture, something that takes time and initiative from those at the top.


It is clear that there are essential strategic benefits in play for organisations that embrace team building events. There is complete freedom around what those activities are, how they are scheduled and structured without any limitations or provisions. So long as the business is seeing the dividends, then it is a worthwhile venture to undertake.