Are you looking for diamond rings in Melbourne? If this is your first-time shopping for this precious stone or an engagement ring then it can be overwhelming – you’ll want to think about the shape, cut and characteristics of the metal or material your band in made from before you commit to a purchase. Sound complicated? We’ve made it simple without helpful guide below. Read on to get all the tips for buying the best diamond rings in Melbourne.

Colour, cut, clarity & carat

The first and most important thing you should understand about buying diamond rings in Melbourne is that you’ll want to understand the four ‘C’s, or colour, cut, clarity and carats. The four ‘C’s are the standard throughout the world for assessing the value and quality of precious stones. The four ‘C’s will determine how diamond rings in Melbourne compare to others.

Colour being the first of the four considerations basically refers to the actual colour of the stone – there are many different colours you might come across. The ones with the least colour are generally considered to be rarer. Another consideration that will determine the value of the ring is the ‘cut’. This is the way the stone has been cut – for instance, is it solitaire, heart-shaped etc? This impacts on the way the precious stone captures the light. Another determinant of value is clarity which is basically the measure of how many blemishes can be found in the stone. Carat refers to the weight and size of the stone. Different things will matter to different people and you should think about what’s important to you when looking for a stone – would you for instance prefer a larger stone that perhaps isn’t totally blemish-free? Or do you want something that is as close to perfect as possible? Unless you have an unlimited budget, you’ll likely need to make a compromise somewhere but that doesn’t mean you won’t have plenty of incredibly gorgeous diamond rings in Melbourne to choose from.

Understand different shapes

Before you go shopping you should try and understand the different shapes that you can purchase diamond rings in Melbourne in. Common shapes include round, square, marquise, oval, pear, square, rectangle, emerald and heart-shaped. These shapes can be cut using different ‘cut styles’ – most you will come across use the brilliant-cut style which interacts beautifully with light. The quality of the cut with affect how polished, symmetrical and sparkly your stone looks.

Pick a metal

There are a number of different metal types that you might use on the band of diamond rings in Melbourne. The metal you choose will depend on personal preference but might also depend on the stone you choose. Certain metals will bring out the features of your stone better than others – for instance, if you have a colorless stone you may want to go for paler metals like white gold or platinum as this will highlight the stone. Other metals like rose gold have been popular recently and are seen as trendy. Platinum is often considered to be a very modern option and has become popular for its durability. Gold is classic but is soft and has a tendency to wear more easily. Silver is less common for diamond rings in Melbourne because it has a tendency to tarnish.

Pick the correct size

One of the most important things you’ll need to do when choosing a band in to ensure that it is sized correctly for the wearer. If you’re worried about getting the size wrong and think you might have to resize, check if its possible.