People always have varying reasons for house staging Melbourne. They could be moving into a new one in the same neighbourhood, relocating from the company, or due to their financial challenges. However, the goal of sales is always the same – to maximize value. 

Whether it is in another location or it is home staging Melbourne, you must ensure that your house and accessories are properly positioned for interested buyers. Also, it saves you from long days of not selling or attracting potential buyers. 

Types of home staging Melbourne services 

There are several types of home staging services you should know. They are; 

  • Partial home staging 

As the name implies, in partial home staging, the stylist does not employ their complete range of accessories or furniture replacement. They may declutter major parts, and remove and rearrange accessories to win potential buyers over. Partial home staging Melbourne is a better choice if your home is already good-looking and requires some basic tweaks. 

  • Virtual home staging 

Thanks to technology, photographers can do some digital work on your home to declutter it and make it look free. They can even remove every item and make it look like an empty place. It is an affordable approach to home staging Melbourne. However, it may be disappointing to interested buyers when they get to the house to inspect it. 

  • Do it yourself home staging 

If you think you are just as good enough as any other stylist, you can take your time to DIY or style your house yourself. This option is the most affordable choice as you may only need to get a book or watch some online videos to stay inspired. 

You can do it with a friend or family to have honest feedback. It is always hard to see our flaws by ourselves.  

What is the Cost of Home Staging Melbourne? 

There are several contributory factors to the cost of home staging. They include;

  • The home and its requirements

Two homes cannot have the same cost because they have unique requirements. From the several styling, additional ornaments, or even furniture, the price varies with the quality. You would agree that some houses have grubby or outdated furniture. Those houses cannot cost as much money as the modern houses with their classy furniture. 

  • The stylist 

Home staging Melbourne requires that you opt for a home stager that has more experience. Since you want to maximize the value of your home, your stylist should be a don in the game. He or she can charge more, and they know the right process to follow to be quick with sales

  • The duration 

The duration here refers to your contract with the stylist. A stylist can sign a contract of 5 weeks. A week is for photography, while the rest of the weeks are to ensure sales. Similarly, some stylists may require a longer time; in turn, this incurs more cost. You can always beat the price of extension down once the home is not selling as early as planned. 

The cost of home staging Melbourne can be as high as $10,000. The above factors will help you to stay on top of your game. We hope the pieces of information we’ve shared point you in the right direction to staging your home the right way.